The Seniors Double League

The Seniors Double League begins on May 3, 2017 here at Pine Brook Golf Links. This 18-hole league is held each Wednesday morning, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The Senior Doubles League at Pine Brook is entering its inaugural season and wants you and your golfing partner to be a part of it! The league is geared towards seniors and is setup up so that you and your partner can play an 18-Hole match against another 2-man team each week throughout the course of the summer. This league will be handicap based so players of all skill levels are welcome. We will host the league on Wednesday mornings starting at 9:30 a.m. League play will start on May 3rd and go until September 6th. The league fee is $80 per team ($40 per person). You league fee covers two cookouts, handicap tracking, prizes, and the general management of the league. Attendance is not mandatory but it is strongly encouraged. After the league signup fee is paid you just pay greens fees each week as you go and they are as follows:

Senior 18 holes walking – $18.00

Senior 18 holes riding – $20.00

The League will use the Low Ball/High Ball game to score the match and determine the winner. We’ll give you an example so that you can have some basic understanding as to how Low Ball/High Ball works. Let’s assume that all players have the same handicap to make it easy. We play the first hole and Team A scores a 4 and a 6. Team B shoots a 4 and a 5. Since both teams scored a 4 then the low ball scores will cancel each other out and no point is awarded for the low ball. Since Team B scored a 5 and Team A scored a 6 then we will award a point to Team B since they had a lower score of two high balls. Still with us? Let’s play hole #2 just so you can get the hang of the game. On hole #2 Team A scores a 3 and a 4. Team B scores a 4 and a 5. Team A will be awarded 2 points because their low score of 3 beats Team B’s low score of 4….Team A’s high score of 4 also beats Team B’s high score of 5. The match will continue for the rest of the 9 holes until the winner is determined.

Whoever has the most points at the end of the match will win 1 point for their team in the overall league standings. You also will receive one point for your team if both players show up and play in their designated match. Whoever is the low net player of the match also receives a point for the team in the overall standings. So you have a chance to win up to 3 points in the overall league standings if you both show up and play, win your match, and have the lowest net score of the group then your full sweep get your team 3 points.

There will be a Regular Season Championship and a Playoff Championship. The Regular Season Championship will be determined by the most points scored throughout the season. The Playoff Championship will be a bracket based double elimination tournament. We will also host two fun days throughout the year where we host a (2) man scramble with a cookout to follow. The cookout is all you can eat and all you can drink! We will also run a $6.00 skins and pins game each week. Skins and pins are completely voluntary so you can sign up at your own discretion.

We hope you can be a part of the 1st annual Senior Doubles League at Pine Brook! If you are interested in signing up or learning more about the Senior Doubles League, please email to hear about more details. You can also give him a ring at (440) 748-2939. We look forward to hearing from you!

2017 Senior Doubles League Schedule:

5/3 – Handicapping (skins & pins)

5/10 – Handicapping (skins & pins)

5/17 – League Play week 1 (skins & pins)

5/24- League Play week 2 (skins and pins)

5/31 – League Play week 3 (skins & pins)

6/7 – League Play week 4 (skins & pins)

6/14 – (4) Man Scramble Day (skins & pins) Cookout Day

6/21 – League Play week 5 (skins & pins)

6/28 – League Play week 6 (skins & pins)

7/5 – League Play week 7 (skins & pins)

7/12 – League Play week 8 (skins & pins)

7/19 –League Play week 9 (skins & pins)

7/26 – League Play week 10 (skins & pins)

8/2 – League Play week 11 (skins & pins)

8/9 – Ryder Cup Day Double Down Style (skins & pins) Cookout Day 

8/16 – Playoffs week 1 (skins & pins)

8/23 – Playoffs week 2 (skins & pins)

8/30 – Playoffs week 3 (skins & pins)

9/6 – Playoffs week 4 (skins & pins)

9/13 – Rain Out Day (skins & pins)

9/20 – Rain Out Day (skins & pins)

*Dates, Events, & Courses Subject to Change

*Tee times start at 9:30 a.m., please be on time.