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The Double Down League

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The Double Down League starts on April 30,2019 at Pine Brook. League play is every Tuesday starting at 5:00 p.m. This is a great team league for you and a friend to join in on!

The Pine Brook Double Down League is coming back for its 4th season! The league will be setup for you and a friend to play against other golfers in a weekly match. The league will be handicap based so players of all skill levels are welcome.

We will host the league on Tuesday evenings starting at 5:00PM. League play will start on April 30th and go until September 10th. The league fee is $100 per team ($50 per person). You league fee covers two cookouts, handicap tracking, prizes, and the general management of the league. Attendance is not mandatory but it is strongly encouraged. After the league signup fee is paid you just pay greens fees each week as you go and they are as follows:

9 holes walking – $13.00

9 holes riding – $20.00

Senior 9 holes walking – $10.00

Senior 9 holes riding – $15.00

Low Net A vs B/Total: Low handicap player from each team will be a match and the high handicap player from each team will be a match. Low net for the round will be awarded 1 point per match. There will be a point awarded for total low net between teams. For example, Player A from Team 1 shoots a 42 with a 5 handicap his net score is 37. Player A from Team 2 shoots a 39 with a 3 handicap, his net score is 36. Team 2 gets 1 point for winning the match. Player B from Team 1 shoots a 45 with a 7 handicap, his net score is 38. Player B from Team 2 shoots a 50 with a 10 handicap, his net score is 40. Team 1 scores a point for the winning the match. Team 1’s two net scores are 37 and 38 which equals 75. Team 2’s net scores are 36 and 40 which equals 76. Team 1 earns a point for having best low net score combined. In conclusion, Team 1 would earn 2 points and Team 2 would earn 1 point.

There will be a Regular Season Championship and a Playoff Championship. The Regular Season Championship will be determined by the most points scored throughout the season. The Playoff Championship will be a bracket format tournament. We will also host two fun days throughout the year where we host a (2) man scramble with a cookout to follow. The cookout is all you can eat and all you can drink! We will also run a $6.00 skins and pins game each week. Skins and pins are completely voluntary so you can sign up at your own discretion.

We hope you can be a part of the 4th annual Double Down League at Pine Brook! If you are interested in signing up or learning more about the Pine Brook Double Down League please email to hear about more details or give him a ring at (440) 748-2939. We look forward to hearing from you!

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